Goccia stands as an unprecedented product concept which elevates matter, form and function. In fact the collection comprises a unique range of furnishing items, encompassing an impressive mix of models, materials and finishes. The winding forms of the liquid are set in the solid form of washbasins and accessories, in the metal of the taps, … Read more


AXOR Edge takes exclusivity to a new level. With mirror-like surfaces that reflect light evenly. Their characteristic brilliance is due to the immaculate surfaces and edges – finished with diamonds for the highest precision. Upon request, diamond polishing creates contrast. It is the ultimate luxurious detail, whether on the body or on a detail of … Read more

Starck Organic

Inspired by nature, AXOR Starck Organic combines sheer beauty with remarkable efficiency. Sculptural and sensuous, its avant-garde design is as organic in shape as it is minimal in its use of resources. Just as nature would have wanted it. The design of AXOR Starck Organic references the beauty found in nature: a branch, for example, … Read more


Free. Impulsive. Unique in character. AXOR Urquiola is a multi-faceted collection, surprising and idiosyncratic. Stylistic flourishes and thoughtful details come together in a sensual design of impressive functionality. The result is of one-of-kind collection, as poetic as it is practical. An artistic fusion of styles is evident in every surface and curve. Asymmetries appear to … Read more