The Flaps electric towel warmer radiator, designed by Victor Vasilev, is a radiator made of recyclable aluminium affording high heating efficiency, that owes its clean-cut appearance to simple geometric silhouettes, interrupted by folds or ‘flaps’ – hence the name – that can be used to hang towels on.

An innovative and contemporary version of ‘classic’ designer plate radiators, Flaps stands out for its high heating efficiency structure that measures just 3mm in thickness. The Flaps towel warmer radiator was awarded a special mention at the German Design Award and it has won both the Good Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award, testifying to its marriage of styling and incredible functionality. The Flaps electric towel warmer radiator is available in over 200 colour variants, in sizes 171 x 35, 201 x 35cm, as well as in the electric version, both simple and with radio frequency kit, with digital timer thermostat and receiver.