Indulge in our Outdoor Porcelain Tiles Living Collection, and elevate your living experience with a seamless transition from your indoor sanctuary to your outdoor oasis. Our luxurious porcelain tiles boast a water-resistant surface, impervious to warping, staining, or frost damage, ensuring a breathtaking outdoor scheme season after season. The versatile 20mm flooring options offer a sophisticated solution for patios, balconies, paths, and driveways, featuring an R11 anti-slip rating for a secure footing, even in wet conditions.

Customise your outdoor sanctuary with our Italian porcelain collection’s infinite colour options, creating a one-of-a-kind space that reflects your personal style. Our outdoor porcelain stoneware offers unmatched durability, is impervious to the elements and is unchanging in colour, so you can enjoy your outdoor oasis all year long. These tiles are also available in standard indoor variants, offering seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for your next renovation project.