Designed by Norm Architects.

There is something soothing and elegant about repetition and the continuing contrast between light and shadow. The linear rhythm has always been a strong intervention in historical design and classical architecture, so by implementing this element in furniture design we manage to recreate a fraction of this feeling in a smaller scale.

Normally grates are experienced in a much more industrial and rough environment, but by continuing the detail of the repetitive line, the cabinets become design objects themselves. This gives endless possibilities in expressions regarding the use of materials and textures.

The simple design also allows the unit to have an integrated washbasin or a top mounted washbasin. To maintain a modern design detail on a very generic design, it is important to keep the focus on the linear and grated detail you see on the cover on all cabinets. An innocent but strong detail that repeat itself in the integrated sink as well.

Grate collection plays on a tactful as elegant palette of raw materials and colors such as marble, cement, wood or metal.