Water applications can make a significant contribution as a preventive measure to actively boost the health of an individual. They also ensure balance, well-being and life-force energy every single day. Along with a balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep, specific water applications can be an important part of a health-conscious lifestyle. This is why … Read more


Yoku SH is a warm and welcoming wellbeing space with an essential, well-proportioned and minimal design. Yoku SH brings together a sauna, Turkish bath and shower in a spa that lets you relive these ancient practices. The key features of the Yoku SH system are the large recessed glass wall in bronze smoked glass along … Read more


Touch&Steam can be fitted to any environment set up to house a Hammam, from a home shower to larger spaces and also made-to-measure designs. Touch&Steam is a stylish, lightweight professional-standard steam generator that can be fitted to any shower or Hammam environment. Steam generator complete with colour and aroma therapy Effegibi steam generation technology gives … Read more