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Water applications can actively boost the health of an individual, and this is the reason we developed the Arti-SPA concept. The concept is based on four pillars: Kneipp, Acupressure, Bliss and Steam.

Arti-Spa is totally customisable. So not only is the spa element i.e treatment and therapy type, but the shape and size is completely adaptable to work within your space and budget.

What unites all the product solutions beyond daily cleansing is the proven effect of the water. To achieve this, we work closely and continuously with our specialist suppliers and progressive thinkers from Kneipp therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and research into well-being.

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Sebastian Kneipp, founder of Kneipp, developed five pillars for health and wellness which include: hydrotherapy (water healing therapy), medicinal plant therapy, nutrition, exercise therapy, and achieving a balanced lifestyle. He believed nature was the best pharmacy, and the concepts behind his theory were created to be easily incorporated into everyday life using the natural resources. These five pillars are still so relevant that they continue to be copied and used by medical experts throughout the world.

Hydrotherapy has been used throughout history to treat both acute and chronic conditions with success. Kneipp perfected his water therapy treatments while developing his “water cures” using hot, cold, and contrasting hot and cold applications through affusions, baths, foot baths, and washing.

Regularly applied, these treatments can help to bring balance to everyday life: recharging the batteries, reducing stress and reviving.


Arm affusions provide an invigorating start to your day or a great way to boost energy whenever you need it. When performed with the Affusion pipe in your shower they activate blood circulation and promote concentration. Applied regularly, they can also boost the immune system and benefit those who suffer with low blood pressure.

Leg affusions are beneficial for relaxation after a demanding day because they firm the skin, lower blood pressure, and encourage deep, restful sleep. With regular applications which can be easily integrated in your daily shower routine using the Affusion tube, the cold leg affusion can help to boost the body’s natural defenses and immune system. It also speeds-up metabolism and prevents unattractive vein problems such as spider and varicose veins.

Artispa Kneip Affusions
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Acupressure therapy combines two widely used therapies, acupressure and massage. In acupressure, pressure is exerted on the meridians or acupuncture points on the body such as thumbs, fingers, elbows, or feet to achieve a desired effect. Massage therapy uses manual pressure applied to the soft tissues of the body for healing and well-being and can lead to increased blood in the skin and muscles and a boost in healing power.

Problems such as tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas are relieved or prevented, which improves the sense of well-being and helps to increase vitality.

Acupressure can also have a positive effect on the psyche and can be used to cure problems like anxiety or insomnia.


WATER FAN and WATER CURVE are Arti-Spa’s specially developed massage jets for the effective use of aquapressure therapy in your own bathroom. These Water Modules allow you to integrate water massages independently and comfortably into everyday life at any time.

The WATER FAN achieves a relaxing massage of the entire back. Massage modules with an intensive vertical jet located at the thoracic vertebrae and a horizontal jet in the lumbar region ensure a complete massage of the back at every vertebrae.

The nozzles can be adjusted easily to fit your exact body size, and the xTOOL thermostat module allows all outlets to be controlled simultaneously or individually to provide the exact massage experience you need any time you step into your shower.

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We are living in a time where our lives are at a fast pace and overloaded with information. We have more opportunities, but also more stress, more turmoil, and more uncertainty.

Now, more than ever, we need real safe havens where we can indulge in bliss - feelings of peaceful happiness - to stay healthy.

The current Global Wellness Trend Report published that the concept of happiness is more closely aligned with well-being and in turn, well-being is more closely associated with health. Happier people tend to have lower heart rates and blood pressure.

Happiness has also been shown to boost the immune system and reduce overall stress. For this reason, it’s imperative that we have personal safe havens where we can experience moments of happiness like an in-home bliss wellness spa.


Whether you are looking for relaxation in the evening or revitalisation in the morning, our Signature Treatments offer a wellness experience to meet your needs.

With the HORIZONTAL SHOWER ATT, experience a water massage and the ultimate feeling of wellbeing.

Lying on your stomach or on your back, the innovative reclining shower offers a completely new feeling of wellness and relaxation – tension is relieved, everyday stress is washed away and the body and mind experience are revitalised.

Lying down, you can forget the world completely.

The water falls on the body gently and without pressure, creating a completely new sensation to the experience of a wellness shower.

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Artispa Inset Horizontal Shower Water


Together with experts from the health and wellness sector, we have developed unique treatments that you can enjoy with the touch of a button.

Balancing - The hydro-massage moves along the body with alternating hot and cold showers of rain, in opposite directions from the shoulders and soles of the feet to the centre of the body. This gentle caressing of the body creates a soothing, balancing effect.

Energizing - This treatment has an invigorating effect on body and mind thanks to the cascade-like caress of the water. Fine showers of water are followed by intense rain, followed by fine showers of water. This treatment revitalises with several temperature changes.

De-Stressing - You enjoy this treatment lying on your back. Raindrops fall evenly from your shoulders to your feet, while the water temperature is slowly and steadily increased. A stress-relieving, deeply relaxing hydro-massage.


Aquamoon is an individual shower experience in a new dimension.

A sanctuary that allows you to reconnect with your senses: Custom spray and lighting modes create an emotional experience with water that revitalises and reinvigorates.

AQUAMOON is a unique interior design solution that perfectly integrates into your ceiling. In this extravagant shower, a recessed dome blends in with the bathroom or spa architecture.

When looking up, a special depth effect unfolds: a hidden light strip creates a feeling of infinity.

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Artispa Aqua Moon Zoom


AQUAMOON is available in three versions:

RAINMOON offers a unique rain experience with its low-consumption TEMPEST and AQUA CIRCLE sprays, and its integrated lighting function.

AQUAMOON is equipped with an additional Dornbracht spray: QUEEN’S COLLAR. This mode combines water and light for pure bliss.

AQUAMOON ATT is also available with a fourth mode: EMBRACE. Elevating the shower experience to a completely new level, it features Signature Treatments, a combination of pre-set water choreographies, multi-colored light and fragrances.


The combination of steam and heat is renowned for the stress-relieving effect that it has on the human body. A hammam not only enables deep relaxation while you’re using it but can also have a positive impact on sleep depth and quality too.

The benefits of steam baths have been known for a long time. The Greeks and Romans knew the benefits of spending time in hot and humid rooms and based their cultures around the bathhouse. In fact, most cultures have used steam and heat for health benefits, enjoyment and sometimes spiritual experiences.

The hammam has many wonderful properties, and once you try it you may just become a disciple of this ancient practice.

• Relieves stress

• Cleans the skin

• Eliminates toxins

• Improves blood circulation

• Clears respiratory tract

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Artispa Inset Steam Touch Steam


A simple, elegant glass panel conceals state-of-the-art steam-producing technology. Touch-screen controls light up the glass panel like magic, for effortless selection of the various functions, including warm air circulation, steam and colour therapy.

Effegibi crosses a new frontier with Touch & Steam, the line that can be fitted in any shower or hammam environment, available in 3kW to 6kW versions, a startling combination of design and performance that’s simply unique. The flow of steam is lit up by LEDs in the bottom of the Touch & Steam. The option of using perfumed essences allows aromatherapy to be delivered through the steam.


Nuvola Smart Power is the new high-performance range of Effegibi steam generators, suitable for both professional and domestic use.

The automated electronic management system makes Nuvola Smart Power the hi-tech solution that combines ease of use with multiple functions to guarantee controlled steam output speed, longevity, low maintenance and energy saving. The new touch panel with backlit icons is both attractive and user-friendly.

Artispa Inset Steam Nuvola Steam

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