Begin the day perfectly styled: feeling beautiful means feeling good. So it is no wonder that a cosmetic mirror tops the list of daily accessories for beauty care. Available in round or square form, KEUCO’s iLook_move cosmetic mirror leaves nothing to be desired for all your care and well-being needs.

Whether with one light colour or with touch sensor control panel on the glass, the iLook_move combines high-tech for beauty-care with the ultimate in sensuous elegance. The LED light source is long lasting and power consumption is low, but it is still completely glare-free. After all, if anything is important for beauty care, it is a flawless reflection in the mirror.

Designed by Tesseraux + Partner, in the illuminated model with deluxe glass control panel this glare-free innovation with five-fold magnification has two different light modes: A daylight mode, similar to the one used in professional cosmetic institutes, and a second warm-white light colour, which provides a flattering light, ideal for the perfect evening make-up, for example.