Craftsmanship, Technology & Lovers of Style.


Artelinea is a company that is a pioneer in its field. Founded as a small company in 1962, it is now represented at international levels as one of the leading companies in the sector of quality bathroom furnishings.

Artelinea’s designer furnishings are created to be adaptable to pre-existing spaces or to be the starting point for developing a new environment with a unique, personal style. They aim to make bathroom furnishing a world of style in which each accessory has an individual appearance and signature.

Modernity and Beauty

Artelinea is a craftsman in terms of passion, but with modern ideas. The company has always collaborated with internationally renowned architects, designers and
artists who create designer items with concrete and essential lines.

The need for modernity does not, however, represent a limit for Artelinea. The rule is “cultivation of beauty”, especially when beauty is rich in history and traditions. There are numerous collections which have been inspired by elements of timeless beauty, such as KIMONO, dedicated to the refined lines of the traditional Japanese dress.

A World Of Style

Artelinea has reached new prestigious results through the use of the innovative material OPALITE. Artelinea is able to satisfy the need for style with a complete range of accessories, and provides new opportunities for integrating the latest LED technology into your surroundings.