The art of bath

A Lifetime of Luxury Bathing

Victoria + Albert baths are sculptural forms of sheer beauty. Coveted for their presence, designed for sublime bathing, they transform any space into a luxurious sanctuary. Sloping waves and minimalist angles are expressed in a spectrum of colors and array of designs from classic to modern. Victoria + Albert makes a statement of indulgence for an experience to linger and luxuriate in.

Timeless Elegance

As the ultimate statement in quality and style, our model line-up is packed with inspirational free standing designs made from 100% QUARRYCASTâ„¢, a blend of Volcanic Limestoneâ„¢ and high performance resins. Naturally white, each item is individually hand-finished by craftsmen.

From the very first freestanding bath being manufactured in South Africa, Victoria + Albert Baths have strived to become innovative product developers and market leaders within the free standing bath market. New, exciting launches keep the brand at the forefront of international luxury bathroom design.