Anello collection has a feminine soul and speaks of harmony, love and fidelity, drawing inspiration from the shape of the circle which is a symbol of perfection, infinity, eternity. Ring is designed as a jewel of “haute” goldsmith. Unique in its shape, it is characterised by a curved and slender body. For the way it … Read more


A bold statement in both progressive and classic bathrooms. CYO represents tradition and the future here and now. With a design language that seems familiar, yet is new and futuristic. The basic shape of a circle is the central design element, perfected by circular handles. Carefully selected finishes underscore the exclusive features of CYO and … Read more


A bathroom collection so elegant, elemental and pure, it could be realized only through radical innovation. Whether at the wash basin, bathtub or shower, familiar archetypes have been reinvented for greater clarity, enhanced function and superior control. Powered by advanced Select technology, the mixer establishes a new mode of interaction: Press down on its all-in-one … Read more


The Gessi 316 collection is the response to Gessi’s research for a precious and noble material that be durable, resistant and beautiful to see. Gessi sought for an element that could exalt, with simplicity, its creations, from taps to accessories, through a design of visual immediacy and essential refinement. The protagonist of this new Program … Read more

Citterio E

Harmony arises from the calm balance of opposites. AXOR Citterio E achieves this harmony through a unique blend of the curved with the angular, the familiar with the new, the classic with the modern. Special attention has been given to proportions, as reflected in the gentle taper of the spout and the fine ergonomic design … Read more


VAIA spans a bridge between traditional and modern style elements. Its basic design exudes the spirit of a classical fitting, yet the slender lines of the open silhouette anchor the series firmly in the present. VAIA is entirely in the here and now. Completely in balance. VAIA is notable for its elegant yet simultaneously progressive … Read more


Ingranaggio collection has a masculine soul and speaks of purity, essentiality and vigor, thanks to its linear shape, symbol of cleanliness and strength; born from the idea of experimenting to create a series of elegant and refined products at the same time functional and versatile. Ingranaggio is designed as a watch making jewel. Like a … Read more


MADISON is the grand dame of the bathroom. It refines contemporary interiors and is the defining accessory in the room. Meticulously crafted with hexagonal spout and hallmark porcelain plates set in detailed handles. Opulent, as only befitting a design such as this. Authentic through and through. MADISON is always sure to impress – whether in … Read more


Setting oneself apart. Gratifying the need for uniqueness.Striking out in a new direction. This is what AXOR MyEdition stands for. Clear, linear designs set the stage for self-realisation. For one’s own creativity. With a wide range of cover plates, customisable upon request. Avant-garde for the age of personalisation. Luxury is all about fulfilling personal dreams:A … Read more


With a mix and match of textures, colours and materials, Dornbracht CL.1 embodies progressive bathroom fitting design with extravagant accents and new opportunities for giving your bathroom personality. CL.1 adapts perfectly to your personal design wishes with different handle variants and finishes. Dornbracht CL.1 offers a variety of product solutions for the washstand application area … Read more