Artelinea Tristano & Isotta freestanding basin

Artelinea Tristano & Isotta is a collection that embodies the company’s rich enamel basins and melted glass history. Our artisans are masters of precision, strength, and patience, infusing their passion into each product that blends tradition with innovation. The collection is available in two variations that showcase the company’s traditional and futuristic design expertise. Tristano … Read more


Quadra by Artelinea strikes a balance between consistency and surprise, blending crystal-like precision with a warm touch. The collection embodies the intersection of technological innovation and emotional expression, combining meticulous attention to detail with historical references. At Artelinea, each piece of furniture is a unique “object,” tailored to the customer’s preferences in terms of colors, … Read more


Artelinea Volumi vanity unit blue ribbed drawers

The Artelinea Volumi collection is a sophisticated program that celebrates the rich history of Artelinea while meeting modern aesthetic, spatial, and chromatic needs. The collection is defined by its signature opening aluminum strip and modular design, which stems from the storage drawer. Contemporary, sleek shapes characterize the Volumi vanity, where simplicity is elevated to a … Read more


ARTELINEA bathroom vanity unit

The Artelinea Fusion collection features floor units characterised by simple, clean lines and a surprisingly spacious interior, even in the smallest sizes. The modular design allows for endless combinations of units, offering maximum flexibility. The vanities, combined with solid surface basin tops, are a novel addition to the collection. With a wide range of colours … Read more