Gessi Venti20 brass basin vanity detail

The Gessi Venti20 collection draws inspiration from the grace and invigorating spirit of the “Roaring Twenties,” capturing that remarkable era’s energy, optimism, and joy. The collection infuses the enthusiasm for life and future-looking optimism of the era into the most private spaces of contemporary living. The collection incorporates carefully dosed retro notes, but does away … Read more


Artelinea Tristano & Isotta freestanding basin

Artelinea Tristano & Isotta is a collection that embodies the company’s rich enamel basins and melted glass history. Our artisans are masters of precision, strength, and patience, infusing their passion into each product that blends tradition with innovation. The collection is available in two variations that showcase the company’s traditional and futuristic design expertise. Tristano … Read more


Gessi Origini collection taps

Create your luxury bathroom design with Origini by Gessi. A collection that reimagines wellness through natural flowing shapes and soft lines. The designs evoke beauty and emotion, with colours and materials chosen to satisfy emotional needs. The collection reflects a shift towards immaterial values and places the user at the centre, offering complete creative freedom … Read more


Inbani heritage collection full room set

Heritage is a collection composed of elegant and sensual objects with an assumed personality. Inspired by architecture and ancient columns, “Heritage” is made up of bold, monolithic pieces whose qualities contrast with the more worked forms inspired by the columns of antiquity, vertical grooves that give the object a rhythm and a vibration”. The name … Read more

White Tulip

A DELICATE AND SOPHISTICATED COLLECTION, THE FIRST COMPLETE BATHROOM RANGE BY PHILIPPE STARCK. White Tulip is the first full bathroom created entirely by Philippe Starck. From bathtub, washbasins and furniture, toilets and bidets, to connected mirrors and a complete collection of faucets, the delicate and elegant form of all components within the series echoes the … Read more

I Catini

I Catini: the Tondo, the Ovale, the Doppio and the Rettangolare, four different interpretations of same product, which harmonically combines frameworks made of steel with ceramic washbasins and ceramic or marble shelves as well as a convenient storage drawer. Collection is completed with two mirrors cabinets, round and oval of essential design, and a full … Read more


The pure geometric shapes of Giro collection provide cylindrical and elyptical figures where matt solidsurface surfaces and the metallic finishes are intertwined. This perfect match with the materials provided make the surrounding accessories shine on the pure white or the crystal of which the material is embedded turning this collection into a minimalistic perfection and … Read more