Begin the day perfectly styled: feeling beautiful means feeling good. So it is no wonder that a cosmetic mirror tops the list of daily accessories for beauty care. Available in round or square form, KEUCO‚Äôs iLook_move cosmetic mirror leaves nothing to be desired for all your care and well-being needs. Whether with one light colour … Read more


An illuminated LED rim on three sides turns the ROYAL LUMOS mirror cabinet into a positive highlight in the bathroom – whether as a classic on-wall mirror cabinet or unconventional semi-recessed model. The LED light radiating from within the translucent rim gives the mirror cabinet a lightweight appearance, as if it is hovering in front … Read more


This distinctive illuminated mirror from Keuco is sleek and luxurious and embraces minimalist design while sitting on the forefront of technological sophistication. EDITION 400 is our integral bathroom furnishing series whose design concept includes everything from elegant crystal mirrors, light mirrors with controlled light colours or variable dimmability, to a practical mirror demister.


A metal frame in bronzo or peltro finish gives this mirror collection an important aesthetic and decorative impact, especially for the mirrors of big sizes. The possibility to complete this mirrors with lighting thanks to geometric backgrounds which define the drawing makes these mirrors functioning and suitable for several use both in private and public … Read more


Collection of important aesthetic impact composed by four round mirrors in 80 and 100cm diameter 2 mirrors without lighting and 2 mirrors with LED front lighting. This collection is designed to be combined with Kimono and Monolite collections in fluted finishes.