Designed by Norm Architects. There is something soothing and elegant about repetition and the continuing contrast between light and shadow. The linear rhythm has always been a strong intervention in historical design and classical architecture, so by implementing this element in furniture design we manage to recreate a fraction of this feeling in a smaller … Read more


An exclusive collection of minimalistic shapes, the Strato collection allows the furniture to adapt to each project. This collection is the most versatile and practical in our catalogue. Strato is a combination of wall mounted units and cabinets. The customisation of this range offers different carcass and exterior possibilities for the vanity units, based on … Read more


Designed by Víctor Carrasco. Rigorous but gentle. PARAL is the pursue of a conclusion in bathroom area. Far away from passing fashion, its cared proportions are timeless solutions that define this collection as subtlety worked with an iconic character. Parallel lines are generated by vertical handles built with innovative materials that convert the collection into … Read more


Volumi collection is organized into a complex program capable of encompassing the history of Artelinea products and, at the same time, responding to aesthetic, spatial and chromatic needs. The style of Volumi is given by the opening aluminum strip and the modularity that develops from the drawer: a storage element becomes the hallmark of the … Read more


Oasis is proud to present its new Master range, designed to blend modern styling with an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. With the idea of designing a model which is easy to customise but at the same time truly distinctive, we have created Dresscode collection, in which the blend of unusual colours and finishes is … Read more


Eden offers an elegant and refined aesthetic, one of its defining characteristics is a decorative band behind the drawer opening which can either harmonize or provide visual and tactile contrast with the structure. Modern and clean-lined, Eden comes in a wide variety of finishes from glossy, matt, or metallic lacquers to porcelain stone and a … Read more


Linear design and square shape, embellished by the iconic softness of ceramics: in the beginning there is always the material, which in this proposal weaves an unprecedented dialogue between innovation and craft tradition. Elle Tonda, more rigorous and contemporary and Elle Ovale, more classical, are two contiguous universes each with their own aesthetic code.


Floor units with simple shapes and rigorous lines that have a good capacity even in the smallest sizes. The collection is thought for having units allowing a minimal modularity. Vanities combined with basin tops in solid surface are brand new: playing with shapes and with a wide range of colours, they create a unique and … Read more


After several years of successful collaboration between KEUCO and TEAM 7, the luxurious bathroom furnishing concept comprised of furniture made of natural wood, now makes use of four premium woods: light oak, Venetian oak (which gets its extraordinary appearance from the natural embellishments produced by the shipworm), as well as the strongly-grained wild oak, whose … Read more


Dama is the extreme level of the “all in glass” product by Artelinea, it enhances the use of Dualite, thus combining experience and design. The rationality used for drawing basin units is minimized by the internal composition of drawers and open compartments – which can be freely combined – and by the possibility to match … Read more