Strato MDi

Minerals, Design and Innovation. These are the key premises on which this eco-sustainable porcelain technology is based. A complete revolution within the bathroom furniture design. Using nature as its source of inspiration, an innovative production process is applied. Recyclable products are obtained by selecting the finest minerals and speeding up the natural rock cycle. These are sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

The combination of Strato collection and Inalco’s MDi technology brings a revolution based on the mix between design and state-of-the art materials. We chose¬†Raw, Eros, Ghost and Solar¬†as the models to configure our Strato collection. They complete a palette of neutral colours that goes from light to dark. This allows great adaptability in spaces. The characteristic weaving of these models, as well as their touch; accentuate their personality in the atmospheres. This turns the idea of the bathroom as a functional space into havens of relaxation and liberation